Good News Testimonies


Jimmy’s Miracle



Pain had plagued him for months and finally became unbearable. Jimmy finally consented to go to the doctor. The doctor listened to his list of “it hurts here and here” and ordered an MRI to check on his lower back and hips. The first week of March we got a call from the nurse telling us they saw an abnormality in his kidney and needed to come in. That was the longest Wednesday, it seemed to last forever! I prayed for my husband all day. I had a sense of battle in my heart. I had to FIGHT HARD!!! I knew in my heart what was unsaid at this point. When I walked in the door I saw a paper laying on the table that said Renal Cell Carcinoma, kidney cancer! My heart just sank. I was hurt! I was MAD! I mean, How dare Cancer attack my husband! I had to battle my own thoughts and fears before I could even face Jimmy. I collected myself and walked into the den and tried to put a smile on my face. When we saw each other, the smiles faded and the tears came fast, but only MOMENTARILY. Then he said these words to me, “You can’t cry”, “You can’t talk about it”, “You can’t tell ANYONE until we go to see the specialist.” I agreed reluctantly. I mean, my flesh, my heart, and mind were screaming we need help!!! We need prayer warriors!!!….yet I said yes. No pressure right??? We sat on this huge thing for almost two months. I read everything I could about it and tried to educate myself and Jimmy on this disease. I prayed so hard for him. I laid next to him at night and prayed all night. I pled the blood of Jesus over him. I prayed the WORD over him. Yet I felt I wasn’t doing enough! I knew/know God is able. I prayed this and I kept saying Lord, I trust you. Yet my flesh kept letting doubt and fear creep in. That battle was tough!

The day finally came to see the specialist. We sat in a tiny room for seemingly like an eternity. Finally the doctor came in and said Jimmy, I’ve been looking at your films. You have a tumor on your right kidney the size of an orange. It is cancer. I just lost it. I was so mad that he said it out loud!!! I asked him what caused it. Was it something we did or didn’t do? He said, “You go to church right? “ I said, “well yes”. He said, “From a biblical perspective, it all goes back to the garden and a curse.” “We don’t know what causes it. Long and short of it is this, that kidney has to come out.” I was shaken to my core at that statement.   They whisked us off to see a pre-admit nurse and to radiology to run more tests before surgery. They set the surgery for April 28


. Seemed like eons away.   We just wanted this over!
The day before surgery, we had to go back to the doctor for more tests. We decided that would be a fun day. Jimmy’s sister and husband came with us. We went to dinner and celebrated life. We stayed in a hotel close to the hospital that night. We had to be there very early the next morning. Neither one of us slept that night. I laid there and cried and prayed most of the night. Jimmy tossed and turned and seemed restless. We got up and headed over to the hospital early. When we got there, there was just a peace that washed over us. We knew then all would be okay, come what may. God was with us. He crawled right in the middle of this storm with us! The surgery didn’t take as long as they thought it would. They were able to get it all. No chemotherapy or radiation was needed. His recovery was better than they said it would be. Things were progressing well. We were still a little uneasy about the unknown factor of the kind of cancer and if it would come back. We had been home a few days and had gone for a walk around the block. I took my phone with me for “just in case”. It rang and it was the nurse. She said, Toni, I have some good news! We have the preliminary pathology report back. If you had to have cancer, this is the kind to get she said. She called it Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. She said it has a slim to no chance of recurrence. She said the tumor was encapsulated in its own little sack and never breeched kidney tissue. Meaning it didn’t grow outside the kidney nor down into the veins and arteries. We shouted right there in the road!!! We went back to see the doctor for the first post op visit. They drew blood and checked the function of the remaining kidney. We passed all those tests with flying colors. The doctor walks in and sits down and tells us that when they got into the pathology report of the kidney and actually put a measuring tape on the tumor, it wasn’t as big as they said it was. Remember, they said THE SIZE OF AN ORANGE….now they’re saying it wasn’t that big….He grinned really big and said it was the size of an egg….AN EGG!!! ONLY GOD CAN SHRINK TUMORS! ONLY GOD CAN CALM THE STORM! ONLY GOD CAN MAKE IT BE NOT SO BAD!


More pain came some four months down the road. Back to the MRI where they found the kidney cancer…they also found two bulging discs in Jimmy’s back. They send him to yet another specialist for a surgery consult on the back. We get there and he examines Jimmy. Tells us that he has seen worse bulging discs and he didn’t think that was the problem. He said it was his hip. We go through yet another surgery. Hip replacement. It was a harder surgery than the kidney surgery. He’s still recovering from that as I write this.   He was released on a Saturday. So no clinics or doctor’s office was open. He was so sick. It was just he and I at home. He was weak and couldn’t stand or get up or down without help. It was just us and God…. I prayed…okay Lord…I need strength like Sampson, wisdom like Solomon, confidence like Joshua, devotion like Ruth, boldness like Paul, and a heart like Christ…or I can’t do what you’ve set before me…He gave me that and more! He gave me this analogy. Do you think the tree was just put there for Zacchaeus to climb when he got there….or was provision made ahead of time? He taught you to lift weights and to use your strength to move the unmovable. So use it. I did all weekend. God crawled right in the middle of my storm and muddy mess and never left us! He gave me strength to keep going for over 48 hours and NO sleep…. He woke me up and said pray in the spirit and I did…not once but twice….he added new words to my prayer language that are authoritative and commanding and strong…he gave me confidence in Him and that I am HIS and my prayers count and are heard…was a growing season for me….a healing season for us….and Jimmy finally knows beyond a shadow of doubt that I truly love him and will fight for him. The miracle here wasn’t just for Jimmy, it was for me too. He gave me what I needed and sustained me to take care of my husband. He showed me a lot about trusting HIM. Also, about HIS grace, love, mercy and this most unshakeable peace! He let Jimmy see me through HIS eyes. He’s healing Jimmy’s body. He’s healing our hearts and continues to help us grow closer to each other as we grow closer to HIM.   As I continue to pray for his improving health, I can’t help but know that I know that I know God will move this mountain too.   I believe this with all my being. God didn’t bring us this far to not finish it. Jimmy will see complete healing!


Caiden’s Story


January 20th 2015 will forever be in my memory. I got the call that my niece was in labor and was going to deliver early, too early. My sister asked me to pray for them. I did. As the day went on, and the baby came, we rejoiced at his birth. By the next morning, something was drastically wrong. He wasn’t breathing very well and his O2 sats weren’t holding. My sister called me again and told me they were going to med flight him to OU Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City. They worked and worked trying to get him stable enough to be moved. He crashed on them. They brought him back. We put him and his family on every prayer list we could. They get him to the hospital in OKC in the NICU. The days that followed were both terrifying and amazing all at the same time. The doctors said because he was born early, there was a flap in his lungs that wasn’t closing off like it should. By this time he is on a vent. Even with the vent, he continued to go downhill. The doctors said they going to put him on complete life support that they didn’t give him any hope without it. They told us, that all he had left was God. My sisters and I talked on the phone on a four way call just about every day during those first few days. We prayed, speaking life over him and peace over his parents. We prayed the WORD over him. When they told us they gave him no hope other than God, that was all we needed. The first scripture that we prayed over him was Psalms 118:17, “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.” We began to proclaim healing and life for him. Folks we had church on the phone!!! My sisters had their faith and fire rekindled. My niece and her husband began to pray for Caiden too. He began to improve and each day he got a little better. There was talk of weaning him off life support and seeing how he tolerated it. He began retaining fluid all over his body. He couldn’t breathe even with the help of the machines with all the fluid. They aspirated fluid from around his heart and chest cavity several times, but it just kept coming back. They inserted a chest tube to drain it steadily. He started doing better. The docs had hope again, guarded as it was, it was hope. They worked for days adjusting medications and the oxygen levels and pressure of the vent. The day came when they started backing things off. So far so good things went. They removed all the life support tubes. We thought all was well! Then the phone calls started pouring in again. He was bad again and back on a vent. My sister told me of the conversation she had with one of his nurses. Nurse: “You know we have done all we can do for him. It is all up to God.” My Sister: “I know”. Nurse: “Call anyone you know that prays and have them pray.” We prayed, we stood on God’s Word. We spoke life. God came in and showed a lot of non-believers, backslidden people, and some “hard core” Christians that HE was all that was needed here and in full control. Caiden began to get stronger and proved them all wrong. Each time there was a step forward, it seemed to be a dozen steps back. Yet, with each step back, we grew stronger in faith and resound that God’s healing hand was on this child and that he would be 100% healed, whole and healthy. They began running genetic tests on him for different things. They ruled out Down Syndrome. They said he had an issue with his thyroid. They ran MRI’s, CT scans, ultrasounds and the like. There were spots in his head that were cause for concern. Then the dreaded diagnosis came -SCIDS. It is a genetic immune disorder where he didn’t have an immune system. It was considered to be a death sentence. Since most babies that have SCIDS, usually didn’t live past 2 years old. However, he continued to improve and he came home after about 6 weeks in the hospital. His parents were trained on all the monitors and medicines. Yet this diagnosis hung over them like a black cloud. We continued to pray and lift them up. They had to go back and forth to OKC frequently for tests and to make sure that there was no infection present and more genetic testing. My sisters and I kept professing OUTLOUD the scripture Isa. 55:11 “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” We spoke healing scriptures. People all over the US were standing in the gap with us and praying. God opened the floodgates of Heaven and poured blessing after blessing out on Caiden and his family. As of March 19th 2015, he was given a clean fully healed bill of health. NO SCIDS, NO SPOTS, NO UNCLOSED FLAP, NO ISSUES WITH HIS HEART OR LUNGS! He is perfect! God doesn’t do anything half way!!! He brought people to him who were broken and needed him. He healed not just a baby, but a whole entire family! He saved the lost, he went and got the lost sheep who wandered. For the first time in many years, my sisters are going to church, serving and praising God. My great nephew is thriving and doing well. When man says there is no hope, just look up, because God is all you need!